Making leather
with purpose

As a result, our leather has been internationally recognized by its quality. Our company exists since 1926 to make leather with meaning.

Why are we

We use organic tannin, a biodegradable component that comes from the nature.

It means our leather can be recycled and at the same time it has a differential look, touch and finish, perfect for high standard leather goods.

We have a traceability system of our material

That allows us to know where our raw material come from. We can control every process, guaranteeing security and quality.

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG).

We follow all the principles of good practices about environment, social politics and transparency in our management.

Making unique leather with certified suppliers

We have certified suppliers of top quality selection hides, with the same commitment we have towards the environment.

Sustainability is also about reducing waste.

Our shapes are made to reduce waste, ensuring your company have more cutting yield.

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